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The outOfDate index is a simplistic measure of how out-of-date a dataset is: <0: unexpectedly from the future(!), <1: up-to-date, >=1: out-of-date, >=2: very out-of-date. For out-of-date datasets, there is presumably a problem with the data source, so ERDDAP is unable to access data from more recent time points.

177 matching datasets. This web page was generated at 2019-03-24T18:24:12Z .

outOfDate testOutOfDate maxTime datasetID title
███ 460.6702 now-7days 2010-05-26T01:56:33Z EP_INSITU_PHOS_TS Phosphate (PO4-P) (PHOS) TimeSeries
███ 455.54163 now-7days 2010-06-30T23:25:00Z EP_INSITU_UDOX_TS dissolved oxygen (deprecated) (UDOX) TimeSeries
███ 453.5798 now-7days 2010-07-14T17:00:00Z EP_INSITU_TUR2_TS light attenuation coefficient (TUR2) TimeSeries
███ 425.79282 now-7days 2011-01-25T05:13:00Z EP_INSITU_UDOX_PR dissolved oxygen (deprecated) (UDOX) Profiles
███ 394.382 now-7days 2011-09-02T02:20:29Z EP_INSITU_NTRZ_TS Nitrate + Nitrite (NTRZ) TimeSeries
███ 394.38135 now-7days 2011-09-02T02:20:29Z EP_INSITU_SLCA_TS Silicate (SIO4-SI) (SLCA) TimeSeries
███ 377.1096 now-7days 2011-12-31T23:59:56Z EP_INSITU_LGHT_TR light irradiance immerged par (LGHT) Trajectory
███ 377.1096 now-7days 2011-12-31T23:59:56Z EP_INSITU_OPTICALPROPERTIES_TR Optical Properties Trajectory
███ 377.1096 now-7days 2011-12-31T23:59:56Z EP_INSITU_PHYC_TR Phycobolin pigment concentrations in the water column (PHYC) Trajectory
███ 326.27158 now-7days 2012-12-21T20:46:52Z EP_INSITU_NTRA_TS Nitrate (NO3-N) (NTRA) TimeSeries
███ 325.10916 now-7days 2012-12-30T00:04:04Z EP_INSITU_SCATTERING_PR Light scattering (SCATTERING) Profiles
███ 324.9647 now-7days 2012-12-31T00:20:24Z EP_INSITU_CHLT_PR electrical conductivity (CHLT) Profiles
███ 324.8298 now-7days 2012-12-31T23:00:00Z EP_INSITU_CPHL_TS total chlorophyll-a (CPHL) TimeSeries
███ 324.82553 now-7days 2012-12-31T23:43:00Z EP_INSITU_VMAT_TS max period highest 1/3 wave (VMAT) TimeSeries
███ 324.82394 now-7days 2012-12-31T23:59:00Z EP_INSITU_VSMC_TS spect. moment(0,2) wave period (VSMC) TimeSeries
███ 280.19348 now-7days 2013-11-09T09:54:13Z EP_INSITU_FLUO_TR fluorescence (FLUO) Trajectory
███ 255.5382 now-7days 2014-04-30T23:59:23Z EP_INSITU_SSJT_TS sea temperature from tsg (SSJT) TimeSeries
███ 255.18991 now-7days 2014-05-03T10:30:00Z EP_INSITU_NTRI_PR Nitrite (NO2-N) (NTRI) Profiles
███ 231.82384 now-7days 2014-10-14T00:00:00Z EP_INSITU_PETD_TS Potential evapotranspiration (PETD) TimeSeries
███ 228.19884 now-7days 2014-11-08T09:00:00Z EP_INSITU_ALTS_TS Height above mean sea level (ALTS) TimeSeries
███ 211.85013 now-7days 2015-03-02T19:35:00Z EP_INSITU_CPHL_TR total chlorophyll-a (CPHL) Trajectory
███ 147.93123 now-7days 2016-05-23T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_DEWT_TR dew point temperature (DEWT) Trajectory
███ 147.91908 now-7days 2016-05-23T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_ATPT_TR atmospheric pressure hourly tendency (ATPT) Trajectory
███ 125.47444 now-7days 2016-10-27T10:41:56Z EP_INSITU_NTRA_PR Nitrate (NO3-N) (NTRA) Profiles
███ 111.69289 now-7days 2017-01-31T22:00:00Z EP_INSITU_SWDR_TS swell direction rel true n. (SWDR) TimeSeries
███ 111.686935 now-7days 2017-01-31T23:00:00Z EP_INSITU_SWPR_TS swell period (SWPR) TimeSeries
███ 98.96769 now-7days 2017-04-30T23:50:00Z EP_INSITU_ATMP_TR atmospheric pressure at altitude (ATMP) Trajectory
███ 98.96769 now-7days 2017-04-30T23:50:00Z EP_INSITU_RELH_TR relative humidity (RELH) Trajectory
███ 89.8655 now-7days 2017-07-03T17:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VST1_TS Maximum wave steepness (VST1) TimeSeries
███ 85.06973 now-7days 2017-08-06T06:41:22Z EP_INSITU_FLUO_PR fluorescence (FLUO) Profiles
███ 81.50241 now-7days 2017-08-31T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_HOURLY_RAIN_TS hourly rainfall rate (HOURLY_RAIN) TimeSeries
███ 81.50241 now-7days 2017-08-31T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_SIGMA_THETA_TS sea sigma-theta (SIGMA_THETA) TimeSeries
███ 77.11104 now-7days 2017-09-30T23:45:00Z EP_INSITU_CDOM_TS colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) TimeSeries
███ 71.626236 now-7days 2017-11-08T09:13:00Z EP_INSITU_AMON_PR absolute salinity (AMON) Profiles
███ 71.626114 now-7days 2017-11-08T09:13:00Z EP_INSITU_NTRZ_PR Nitrate + Nitrite (NTRZ) Profiles
███ 71.626114 now-7days 2017-11-08T09:13:00Z EP_INSITU_PHOS_PR Phosphate (PO4-P) (PHOS) Profiles
███ 71.626114 now-7days 2017-11-08T09:13:00Z EP_INSITU_SLCA_PR Silicate (SIO4-SI) (SLCA) Profiles
███ 70.50569 now-7days 2017-11-16T05:26:51Z EP_INSITU_DOXY_PR dissolved oxygen (DOXY) Profiles
███ 70.18098 now-7days 2017-11-18T12:00:00Z EP_INSITU_POTENTIAL_TEMP_TS sea potential temperature (POTENTIAL_TEMP) TimeSeries
███ 44.480083 now-7days 2018-05-17T09:45:00Z EP_INSITU_FLUO_TS fluorescence (FLUO) TimeSeries
███ 42.401215 now-7days 2018-05-31T23:00:00Z EP_INSITU_ATPT_TS atmospheric pressure hourly tendency (ATPT) TimeSeries
███ 40.430977 now-7days 2018-06-14T18:00:00Z EP_INSITU_RDIN_TS Total incoming radiation (RDIN) TimeSeries
███ 36.201775 now-7days 2018-07-14T08:30:20Z EP_INSITU_DOX2_TS dissolved oxygen (DOX2) TimeSeries
███ 33.70432 now-7days 2018-07-31T20:05:15Z EP_INSITU_PCO2_TS CO2 partial pressure (PCO2) TimeSeries
███ 30.304537 now-7days 2018-08-24T15:15:00Z EP_INSITU_TEMP_DOXY_TS sea temperature from oxygen sensor (TEMP_DOXY) TimeSeries
███ 29.252409 now-7days 2018-08-31T23:59:57Z EP_INSITU_SLVR_TS residual sea level (observed - predicted) (SLVR) TimeSeries
███ 28.817707 now-7days 2018-09-04T01:01:45Z EP_INSITU_PHYC_TS Phycobolin pigment concentrations in the water column (PHYC) TimeSeries
███ 21.835733 now-7days 2018-10-22T22:00:02Z EP_INSITU_VTDH_TS significant wave height (VTDH) TimeSeries
███ 20.641129 now-7days 2018-10-31T06:42:00Z EP_INSITU_FLU2_TR chlorophyll-a fluorescence (FLU2) Trajectory
███ 20.641129 now-7days 2018-10-31T06:42:00Z EP_INSITU_OSAT_TR oxygen saturation (OSAT) Trajectory
███ 20.641129 now-7days 2018-10-31T06:42:00Z EP_INSITU_TEMP_DOXY_TR sea temperature from oxygen sensor (TEMP_DOXY) Trajectory
███ 20.641129 now-7days 2018-10-31T06:42:00Z EP_INSITU_TUR4_TR turbidity (TUR4) Trajectory
███ 20.641094 now-7days 2018-10-31T06:42:00Z EP_INSITU_CDOM_TR colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) Trajectory
███ 20.641094 now-7days 2018-10-31T06:42:00Z EP_INSITU_DOXY_TR dissolved oxygen (DOXY) Trajectory
███ 20.641094 now-7days 2018-10-31T06:42:00Z EP_INSITU_PHPH_TR ph (PHPH) Trajectory
███ 20.641094 now-7days 2018-10-31T06:42:00Z EP_INSITU_SVEL_TR sound velocity (SVEL) Trajectory
███ 17.407866 now-7days 2018-11-22T21:52:56Z EP_INSITU_LGHT_TS light irradiance immerged par (LGHT) TimeSeries
███ 16.255407 now-7days 2018-11-30T23:30:00Z EP_INSITU_WDIR_TR wind from direction relative true north (WDIR) Trajectory
███ 12.603944 now-7days 2018-12-26T12:56:28Z EP_INSITU_OSAT_PR oxygen saturation (OSAT) Profiles
███ 3.9418933 now-7days 2019-02-25T04:10:00Z EP_INSITU_WAVES_TR Waves Trajectory
███ 3.9418867 now-7days 2019-02-25T04:10:00Z EP_INSITU_VDIR_TR wave direction rel. true north (VDIR) Trajectory
███ 2.7791882 now-7days 2019-03-05T07:30:00Z EP_INSITU_NRAD_TS surface_net_downward_radiative_flux
(NRAD) TimeSeries
███ 2.7791882 now-7days 2019-03-05T07:30:00Z EP_INSITU_SVEL_TS sound velocity (SVEL) TimeSeries
███ 2.5440693 now-7days 2019-03-06T23:00:00Z EP_INSITU_SCATTERING_TS Light scattering (SCATTERING) TimeSeries
███ 2.4032993 now-7days 2019-03-07T22:39:00Z EP_INSITU_VCMX_TS Maximum crest trough wave height (Hc,max) (VCMX) TimeSeries
███ 2.1452596 now-7days 2019-03-09T18:00:00Z EP_INSITU_GSPD_TR gust wind speed (GSPD) Trajectory
███ 1.8255175 now-7days 2019-03-11T23:43:00Z EP_INSITU_HCDT_TR current to direction relative true north (HCDT) Trajectory
███ 1.8255175 now-7days 2019-03-11T23:43:00Z EP_INSITU_HCSP_TR horizontal current speed (HCSP) Trajectory
███ 1.8248231 now-7days 2019-03-11T23:50:00Z EP_INSITU_VCSP_TS bottom-top current component (VCSP) TimeSeries
███ 1.80606 now-7days 2019-03-12T02:59:08Z EP_INSITU_TUR6_TS Turbidity of water in the water body (TUR6) TimeSeries
███ 1.7881198 now-7days 2019-03-12T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_WSPE_TS West-east wind component (WSPE) TimeSeries
███ 1.7881168 now-7days 2019-03-12T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_DENS_TS sea_water_sigma_theta (DENS) TimeSeries
███ 1.7881168 now-7days 2019-03-12T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_LINC_TS Longwave/atmospheric incoming radiation (LINC) TimeSeries
███ 1.7881168 now-7days 2019-03-12T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_SINC_TS surface_downwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air
(SINC) TimeSeries
███ 1.7881168 now-7days 2019-03-12T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_WSPN_TS South-north wind component (WSPN) TimeSeries
███ 1.7881168 now-7days 2019-03-12T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_WTODIR_TS wind to direction relative true north (WTODIR) TimeSeries
███ 1.7858598 now-7days 2019-03-12T06:22:45Z EP_INSITU_FLU3_TS fluorescence (FLU3) TimeSeries
███ 1.7605275 now-7days 2019-03-12T10:38:06Z EP_INSITU_TEMP_DOXY_PR sea temperature from oxygen sensor (TEMP_DOXY) Profiles
███ 1.7166882 now-7days 2019-03-12T18:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VGTA_TS Generic average wave period (VGTA) TimeSeries
███ 1.7107375 now-7days 2019-03-12T18:59:59Z EP_INSITU_VGTA_TR Generic average wave period (VGTA) Trajectory
███ 1.7107375 now-7days 2019-03-12T18:59:59Z EP_INSITU_WINDS_TR Winds Trajectory
███ 1.7107375 now-7days 2019-03-12T18:59:59Z EP_INSITU_WSPD_TR horizontal wind speed (WSPD) Trajectory
███ 1.681966 now-7days 2019-03-12T23:50:00Z EP_INSITU_PRRT_TS Hourly precipitation rate (liquid water equivalent) (PRRT) TimeSeries
███ 1.6702431 now-7days 2019-03-13T01:48:10Z EP_INSITU_LGH4_TS Surface incoming photosynthetic active radiation (LGH4) TimeSeries
███ 1.6702431 now-7days 2019-03-13T01:48:10Z EP_INSITU_OPTICALPROPERTIES_TS Optical Properties TimeSeries
███ 1.6702431 now-7days 2019-03-13T01:48:10Z EP_INSITU_PRRD_TS Daily precipitation rate (liquid water equivalent) (PRRD) TimeSeries
███ 1.6690692 now-7days 2019-03-13T02:00:00Z EP_INSITU_DRYT_TR air temperature in dry bulb (DRYT) Trajectory
███ 1.6651257 now-7days 2019-03-13T02:39:45Z EP_INSITU_WETT_TS Air temperature in wet bulb (WETT) TimeSeries
███ 1.6570679 now-7days 2019-03-13T04:01:00Z EP_INSITU_EWCT_TR west-east current component (EWCT) Trajectory
███ 1.6570679 now-7days 2019-03-13T04:01:00Z EP_INSITU_NSCT_TR south-north current component (NSCT) Trajectory
███ 1.6570652 now-7days 2019-03-13T04:01:00Z EP_INSITU_CURRENTS_TR Currents Trajectory
███ 1.6518828 now-7days 2019-03-13T04:53:16Z EP_INSITU_CNDC_TR electrical conductivity (CNDC) Trajectory
███ 1.6518828 now-7days 2019-03-13T04:53:16Z EP_INSITU_WATERCONDUCTIVITY_BIOGEOCHEMICAL_TR Water Conductivity BioGeoChemical Trajectory
███ 1.65188 now-7days 2019-03-13T04:53:16Z EP_INSITU_SSJT_TR sea temperature from tsg (SSJT) Trajectory
███ 1.6492279 now-7days 2019-03-13T05:20:00Z EP_INSITU_VDIR_TS wave direction rel. true north (VDIR) TimeSeries
███ 1.6492279 now-7days 2019-03-13T05:20:00Z EP_INSITU_VGHS_TS generic significant wave height (Hs) (VGHS) TimeSeries
███ 1.6492279 now-7days 2019-03-13T05:20:00Z EP_INSITU_VTMX_TS Maximum wave period (Tmax) (VTMX) TimeSeries
███ 1.6452596 now-7days 2019-03-13T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_PHPH_TS ph (PHPH) TimeSeries
███ 1.6452596 now-7days 2019-03-13T06:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VGHS_TR generic significant wave height (Hs) (VGHS) Trajectory
███ 1.6422834 now-7days 2019-03-13T06:30:00Z EP_INSITU_VEPK_TS Wave spectrum peak energy (Smax) (VEPK) TimeSeries
███ 1.63931 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VH110_TS Average height highest 1/10 wave (H1/10) (VH110) TimeSeries
███ 1.6393073 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:00:00Z EP_INSITU_CNDC_TS electrical conductivity (CNDC) TimeSeries
███ 1.6393073 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:00:00Z EP_INSITU_DOXY_TS dissolved oxygen (DOXY) TimeSeries
███ 1.6393073 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:00:00Z EP_INSITU_GDIR_TS wind_gust_from_direction
(GDIR) TimeSeries
███ 1.6393073 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VHZA_TS Average zero crossing wave height (Hzm) (VHZA) TimeSeries
███ 1.6393073 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VT110_TS Average period highest 1/10 wave (T1/10) (VT110) TimeSeries
███ 1.6393073 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VTZM_TS period of the highest wave (VTZM) TimeSeries
███ 1.638318 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:10:00Z EP_INSITU_VTM10_TS Spectral moments (-1,0) wave period (Tm-10) (VTM10) TimeSeries
███ 1.6383152 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:10:00Z EP_INSITU_CHLT_TS electrical conductivity (CHLT) TimeSeries
███ 1.6383152 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:10:00Z EP_INSITU_SWHT_TS swell height (SWHT) TimeSeries
███ 1.6381195 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:12:00Z EP_INSITU_VAVT_TS Average period highest 1/3 wave (T1/3) (VAVT) TimeSeries
███ 1.6381167 now-7days 2019-03-13T07:12:00Z EP_INSITU_VAVH_TS Average height highest 1/3 wave (H1/3) (VAVH) TimeSeries
███ 1.6333549 now-7days 2019-03-13T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_ATMS_TS atmospheric pressure at sea level (ATMS) TimeSeries
███ 1.6333549 now-7days 2019-03-13T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VMDR_TS Mean wave direction from (Mdir) (VMDR) TimeSeries
███ 1.6333549 now-7days 2019-03-13T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VTM02_TS Spectral moments (0,2) wave period (Tm02) (VTM02) TimeSeries
███ 1.6333549 now-7days 2019-03-13T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_VZMX_TS Maximum zero crossing wave height (Hmax) (VZMX) TimeSeries
███ 0.76857305 now-7days 2019-03-19T09:17:00Z EP_INSITU_DOX1_PR dissolved oxygen (DOX1) Profiles
███ 0.76857305 now-7days 2019-03-19T09:17:00Z EP_INSITU_FLU2_PR chlorophyll-a fluorescence (FLU2) Profiles
███ 0.76857305 now-7days 2019-03-19T09:17:00Z EP_INSITU_SVEL_PR sound velocity (SVEL) Profiles
███ 0.76857305 now-7days 2019-03-19T09:17:00Z EP_INSITU_TUR4_PR turbidity (TUR4) Profiles
███ 0.61549866 now-7days 2019-03-20T11:00:00Z EP_INSITU_HCDT_PR current to direction relative true north (HCDT) Profiles
███ 0.61549765 now-7days 2019-03-20T11:00:00Z EP_INSITU_CURRENTS_PR Currents Profiles
███ 0.61549765 now-7days 2019-03-20T11:00:00Z EP_INSITU_HCSP_PR horizontal current speed (HCSP) Profiles
███ 0.40434092 now-7days 2019-03-21T22:28:28Z EP_INSITU_PHPH_PR ph (PHPH) Profiles
███ 0.38146988 now-7days 2019-03-22T02:19:00Z EP_INSITU_CNDC_PR electrical conductivity (CNDC) Profiles
███ 0.37740076 now-7days 2019-03-22T03:00:01Z EP_INSITU_RIVER_TS River TimeSeries
███ 0.37740076 now-7days 2019-03-22T03:00:01Z EP_INSITU_RVFL_TS river flow rate (RVFL) TimeSeries
███ 0.34764108 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_EWCT_TS west-east current component (EWCT) TimeSeries
███ 0.34764108 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_NSCT_TS south-north current component (NSCT) TimeSeries
███ 0.34764108 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_OSAT_TS oxygen saturation (OSAT) TimeSeries
███ 0.34764108 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_TUR4_TS turbidity (TUR4) TimeSeries
███ 0.3476405 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_ATMP_TS atmospheric pressure at altitude (ATMP) TimeSeries
███ 0.3476405 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_CURRENTS_TS Currents TimeSeries
███ 0.3476405 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_DOX1_TS dissolved oxygen (DOX1) TimeSeries
███ 0.3476405 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_HCDT_TS current to direction relative true north (HCDT) TimeSeries
███ 0.3476405 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:00:00Z EP_INSITU_HCSP_TS horizontal current speed (HCSP) TimeSeries
███ 0.34466487 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:30:00Z EP_INSITU_WAVES_TS Waves TimeSeries
███ 0.3446643 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:30:00Z EP_INSITU_VEMH_TS Estimated maximum wave height (VEMH) TimeSeries
███ 0.3446643 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:30:00Z EP_INSITU_VHM0_TS spectral significant wave height (Hm0) (VHM0) TimeSeries
███ 0.3446643 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:30:00Z EP_INSITU_VPED_TS Wave principal direction at spectral peak (VPED) TimeSeries
███ 0.3446643 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:30:00Z EP_INSITU_VPSP_TS Wave directional spreading at spectral peak (VPSP) TimeSeries
███ 0.3446643 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:30:00Z EP_INSITU_VTPK_TS wave period at spectral peak / peak period (Tp) (VTPK) TimeSeries
███ 0.3446643 now-7days 2019-03-22T08:30:00Z EP_INSITU_VTZA_TS Average zero crossing wave period (Tz) (VTZA) TimeSeries
███ 0.34165892 now-7days 2019-03-22T09:00:18Z EP_INSITU_FLU2_TS chlorophyll-a fluorescence (FLU2) TimeSeries
███ 0.33920798 now-7days 2019-03-22T09:25:00Z EP_INSITU_NTAW_PR Nitrate (NO3-N) (NTAW) Profiles
███ 0.3340498 now-7days 2019-03-22T10:17:00Z EP_INSITU_CDOM_PR colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) Profiles
███ 0.33404922 now-7days 2019-03-22T10:17:00Z EP_INSITU_CPHL_PR total chlorophyll-a (CPHL) Profiles
███ 0.33404922 now-7days 2019-03-22T10:17:00Z EP_INSITU_LGHT_PR light irradiance immerged par (LGHT) Profiles
███ 0.33404922 now-7days 2019-03-22T10:17:00Z EP_INSITU_OPTICALPROPERTIES_PR Optical Properties Profiles
███ 0.32665837 now-7days 2019-03-22T11:31:30Z EP_INSITU_DOX2_PR dissolved oxygen (DOX2) Profiles
███ 0.32665837 now-7days 2019-03-22T11:31:30Z EP_INSITU_WATERCONDUCTIVITY_BIOGEOCHEMICAL_PR Water Conductivity BioGeoChemical Profiles
███ 0.324079 now-7days 2019-03-22T11:57:30Z EP_INSITU_PSAL_PR practical salinity (PSAL) Profiles
███ 0.324079 now-7days 2019-03-22T11:57:30Z EP_INSITU_TEMP_PR sea temperature (TEMP) Profiles
███ 0.324079 now-7days 2019-03-22T11:57:30Z EP_INSITU_WATERSALINITY_PR Water Salinity Profiles
███ 0.324079 now-7days 2019-03-22T11:57:30Z EP_INSITU_WATERTEMPERATURE_PR Water Temperature Profiles
███ 0.32085478 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:30:00Z EP_INSITU_GSPD_TS gust wind speed (GSPD) TimeSeries
███ 0.3188712 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:50:00Z EP_INSITU_ATMOSPHERIC_TS Atmospheric TimeSeries
███ 0.3188712 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:50:00Z EP_INSITU_DEWT_TS dew point temperature (DEWT) TimeSeries
███ 0.3188712 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:50:00Z EP_INSITU_WATERCONDUCTIVITY_BIOGEOCHEMICAL_TS Water Conductivity BioGeoChemical TimeSeries
███ 0.3188712 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:50:00Z EP_INSITU_WDIR_TS wind from direction relative true north (WDIR) TimeSeries
███ 0.31887066 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:50:00Z EP_INSITU_DRYT_TS air temperature in dry bulb (DRYT) TimeSeries
███ 0.31887066 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:50:00Z EP_INSITU_RELH_TS relative humidity (RELH) TimeSeries
███ 0.31887066 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:50:00Z EP_INSITU_WINDS_TS Winds TimeSeries
███ 0.31887066 now-7days 2019-03-22T12:50:00Z EP_INSITU_WSPD_TS horizontal wind speed (WSPD) TimeSeries
███ 0.3115299 now-7days 2019-03-22T14:04:00Z EP_INSITU_ATMOSPHERIC_TR Atmospheric Trajectory
███ 0.3115294 now-7days 2019-03-22T14:04:00Z EP_INSITU_ATMS_TR atmospheric pressure at sea level (ATMS) Trajectory
███ 0.30895004 now-7days 2019-03-22T14:30:00Z EP_INSITU_PSAL_TR practical salinity (PSAL) Trajectory
███ 0.30895004 now-7days 2019-03-22T14:30:00Z EP_INSITU_TEMP_TR sea temperature (TEMP) Trajectory
███ 0.30895004 now-7days 2019-03-22T14:30:00Z EP_INSITU_WATERSALINITY_TR Water Salinity Trajectory
███ 0.30895004 now-7days 2019-03-22T14:30:00Z EP_INSITU_WATERTEMPERATURE_TR Water Temperature Trajectory
███ 0.30260083 now-7days 2019-03-22T15:34:00Z EP_INSITU_PSAL_TS practical salinity (PSAL) TimeSeries
███ 0.30260083 now-7days 2019-03-22T15:34:00Z EP_INSITU_WATERSALINITY_TS Water Salinity TimeSeries
███ 0.3007159 now-7days 2019-03-22T15:53:00Z EP_INSITU_TEMP_TS sea temperature (TEMP) TimeSeries
███ 0.3007159 now-7days 2019-03-22T15:53:00Z EP_INSITU_WATERTEMPERATURE_TS Water Temperature TimeSeries
███ 0.25691506 now-7days 2019-03-22T23:14:31Z EP_INSITU_PLATFORMS_POSITION **Platforms Position**
███ 0.25691506 now-7days 2019-03-22T23:14:31Z EP_INSITU_SEALEVEL_TS Sea Level TimeSeries
███ 0.25691465 now-7days 2019-03-22T23:14:31Z EP_INSITU_SLEV_TS water surface height above a specific datum (SLEV) TimeSeries

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